Join our ministry, partake of the Slackfulness of “Bob”

October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have had the privilege of participating in the SubGenius Exploding Judas Ministries mission to the Norse for several years now. I was humbled by the vision and passion of our founder, J. R. “Bob” Dobbs, and his wife, by the radio ministry of Doktor Hal and Reverend Ivan Stang, by the dedication, compassion and unselfish service of our ranters and pink-fixers. Through helping latent SubGenii and reaping the rewards of their Slack and appreciation, we ourselves grow ever more Slackful.

To some we administered the sacred herb frop to offer relief for the first time from aches and pain, to others education about self-care and time control, medicines to treat ailments compromising the quality of their lives, freedom from work, a caring touch, reassurance and kindness to all. When we arrived here, in a remote fjord with no road, cell phone or television connection, we were welcomed with traditional gifts of fish and home-destilled alcohol made by the women of the village. Even as we set up our ministry, SubGenii began arriving, often walking or rowing for hours, patiently and willing to wait as long as was needed for a chance for spiritual care rarely available to them. They have never stopped coming, and we will continue to receive them for as long as it takes for the saucers to arrive. Who knows? Maybe next July is the July we have all been waiting for. Until then, we’ll keep those $30-checks flowing back to the Church Headquarters in America.

Yours in “Bob”
Reverend Bork Cowcatcher of the Exploding st. Judas Ministries



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