Shut up.

January 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Just shut up.  SHUT UP.


You’re making it really hard for those of us who have nice things.  You’re making it harder for us to sleep.  You’re ruining TV for us.  You spoiled the tea party, just when things were getting good.  You trashed Perry and Santorum and Palin, and you keep jumping in the way of our stock options.

You keep screaming about us sending your jobs to unfurnished countries, and THEN you bitch when we try to remove the furnishings HERE, so we can give you your a job back.  Just how the hell are we supposed to keep our stockholders happy, if we have to keep indulging your entitlement complex with things like “a living wage”?

So shut up.  Go vote for Red or Blue, and remember what a difference it makes.  Go to WalMart, and get your 5 gallon bucket of lard.  Turn on the TV and watch Cribs.  Or American Idol.  Or maybe some sadistic “funniest home videos”, where you can watch parents engineer horrible accidents for their kids, etc, in the hopes of getting on the TV and maybe even the GRAND PRIZE.

But shut up while you do it.

And shut up while they grab Juan off the street for “dressing like an illegal”.  This shit is for your OWN GOOD.  Juan was taking your job, anyway.  Well, the jobs that we didn’t send to Chinacorp.  So SHUT UP and PICK CABBAGES, you Goddamn ingrates.

And when it’s time to go visit Grannie, SHUT UP while they “pat down” your toddler, and feel your spouse up.  SHUT UP and get into the backscatter device.  Shut up in the terminal, or we’ll make you shut up indefinitely.

Why is this such a hard concept to grab?  Just SHUT UP.  ALL OF YOU.  This is AMERICA™, and we don’t need any hairy-headed freaks scaring Quality People with your “demonstrations” and your “occupations”, and really, just SHUT THE FUCK UP and put your money back into Bank of America and Wells Fargo.  There aren’t enough lifeboats for everyone, so SHUT UP and go back to steerage while we get the PEOPLE THAT COUNT into the lifeboats.

Just shut up.  All of you.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.  Forever.

The Good Reverend Roger



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