Things to do when you’re a SubGenius in need

March 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

1. Excremeditate.

2. Operation Mindfuck Needs YOU! Join the Apple Corps today!

3. Devivalism

4. Self-devolution

5.  Start a band. Use it as a cover story to make the Glorps ignore your Conspiracy-incompatible ways.

6. Ranting

7. Raving

8. Pouncing


10. Arteesteserie.

11. Build your own UFO

12. Forbidden Science


14. Activate the Carnivorous Stage of your lifecycle

15. Assign a new Short Duration Personal Savior.

16. Find “Bob”, and KILL HIM.

17. Glandscaping

18. Fuck something.

19. Become a Lemur. Go to live with your brethren in the jungles of Madagascar.

20. Try one of the latest Arcturan sexual orientations.

21. Join the hive-building vulture chimps. Learn their ways. Become as one of them. Forget your true SubGenius self, until, one day, you encounter an image of a strangely familiar face while “browsing” the internet…

22. Find a Pink. Act Normal at it.

23. SHOW UP! Because if you don’t SHOW UP, how can you even begin do partake of the other funderful things “Bob”‘s Church has laid on for you? So FUCKING SHOW UP!


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