SLACK IS: A minor rant

April 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

This message from the esteemed Rev.Dr. Shoggoth went out to the radio-wired masses on the Hour of Slack #1512

Slack is the feeling of walking in your abortive shoes.
Slack is the secret grace in idle times

Slack is the knowledge that 7/11s are our Cathedrals and smokes and a Big Gulp are our bread and wine.

TV killed the radio star over slack.

I shot Liberty Valance because he told me it would give him slack. I hope it did. I accept no blame.

Slack is the feeling when your deadbeat neighbors actually pay you back the ten bucks they owe you.

Slack is what you feel when you steal from work and cheat on your taxes.

Slack is when you find an extra 20 in your pants on a day you’re broke and just need $20 worth of frop.

Slack is the fact that 9/11 was art. Slack is Bud Dwyer. Slack is knowing you’re the pinnacle of creation. Slack is being able to live off nothing but the boogers you pick. Slack is customer rewards cards that actually give you something like a free hot dog instead of fake discounts.

Slack is tits. Slack is dick. Slack is pussyholes and butt flaps. Slack is uncomfortably sexy clown. Slack is dreaming you’re broke and waking up and remembering you have more wealth than any millionaire because you have slack.

Slack is nothing more and nothing less than slack.


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